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Age: [33] When he heard of Pudding's delivery of the cake, he was happy to hear as he praised her actions. [83] Perospero was later alerted by Smoothie that Big Mom was suffering a craving illness for cake and was further alarmed when he heard that Streusen was severely injured from the fall. Big Mom's oldest son, has the powers of the Pero Pero no Mi. [27] Il prend ensuite des mesures directes contre les deux chapeaux de paille, les couvrant de bonbons et ayant l'intention de les tuer en les transformant en bonbons. Talent: créer des bonbons ╚═════⋯⋯ :panda_face: ⋯⋯═════╝ ═════ ═════ ╔══════• :panda_face: •══════╗ Fréquentation. Charlotte Perospero (One Piece Series) Edit. [23][24], He is also very proud of his bounty, as he was shown boasting about it to Pedro after he subdued him. [33] However, due to being the first born, Perospero believes himself to be the next leader of the Big Mom Pirates should Big Mom meet her demise, while Daifuku believes that Katakuri should be since he is more capable. charlottebrulee:. Perospero sarcastically offered them a chance to leave alive as their situation seemed hopeless, but the two Straw Hats refused and prepared to fight to reclaim their ship. [44], Perospero a ensuite retrouvé sa mère, et celle-ci a dissipé ses doutes quant à l'alliance avec Kaido, lui disant qu'elle avait toujours l'intention de devenir reine des pirates. Il tente désespérément de l'arrêter avec l'aide d'Amande mais sans succès. With his heightened Kenbunshoku Haki allowing him to see a little bit into the future and make smart judgement calls, he is dedicated to efficiently dealing with all possible threats within his vicinity, and is thus among the few Charlotte children that can be seen taking action without instructions from Big Mom herself. [67] Perospero can even go as far as turning people into candy by covering them in it and causing it to seep into their bodies, killing them minutes after he immobilizes them with no chance for them to escape in the meantime. Nom Japonais : Le cœur de César détenu par Sanji a été confié à Perospero durant la capture du cuisinier, ce qui permet au ministre de tuer César si celui-ci venait à désobéir à Big Mom. [9] Cela est montré à nouveau lorsque le reste de l'équipe est arrivé. Address . The HotSpot - Episode 388. I see and hear your fire, your ambition, Judge! He then attempted to subdue them with his candy, but was punched in the face by Ichiji. [11] Even without any treatment, he quickly recovered enough from his injuries to aid his mother in pursuing the Thousand Sunny for several hours without tiring. Nom Romanisé : [85], Perospero later joined his brother Katakuri on the Thousand Sunny. Paramecia C'est un homme très grand et très mince portant un manteau hivernal jaune avec un haut col et des boutons bleus et blancs en forme de bonbons. Official Name: ja シャーロット・ペロスペロー: Date of Birth: 14.03.???? Date of birth . [25], He has a tendency to use the verbal tic, "Perorin♪" (ペロリン♪, "Perorin♪"? Despite his fear of her, he was concerned when she was losing weight and got attacked by her enemies. As the carp climbed the waterfall to enter the country, Perospero commented on how it was a fascinating sight to see them swimming upwards. Ses plats favoris sont la langue de boeuf et les bonbons. [7], Perospero semble être capable d'utiliser sa canne en combat, comme montré lorsqu'il l'a utilisé pour bloquer le coup d'épée de Pedro sans qu'il ne subisse de dégâts. [47], When his mother was suffering a craving illness for wedding cake, Perospero diverted her attention to the Straw Hats by claiming that they stole an extra cake. charlottebrulee asked: Little Brulee(age 3) came over to PerosPero, tugging on his sleeve, looking up at him with big eyes and a wide grin. Afterward, starting with Episode 812 and during the opening "Hope", his appearance more closely resembles his manga color scheme, except he still has dark blue lips. Perospero weakened from his wounds as he anticipates Big Mom's fate. Charlotte Perospero at age twelve with a bounty of thirty-five million, Charlotte Katakuri at age ten with a bounty of thirty-seven million, and Charlotte Amande at age nine with a bounty of sixteen million. Famille Charlotte; L'Équipage de Big Mom[2] [40], Charlotte Perospero was tasked with watching Caesar Clown during his research. Perospero had Caesar's heart and threatened to turn him into candy if he did not finish his work in two weeks. [16] He can also be vindictive, as after his right arm was severed by an explosion caused by Pedro, Perospero swore to make the Sanji Retrieval Team suffer for Pedro's actions. The bottom of his coat has a checkered design and large beads along the hem. [11][12], Five years ago, as he was escorting Pedro out of Totto Land, Perospero wore a coat similar to his current one but of a darker color. Il a ensuite donné des sucettes aux enfants aux alentours. Linlin took her crew and her nine children, and left the very next day.. ~ 47 to 45 years ago ~ Oven (age 1 to age 3) Première Apparition: When she turned her attention to Nuts Island, Perospero urged her not to go to that island.

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