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And the Lord of heaven will ask. “The linking of the Christian church with the ruling political regime has more often proven to corrupt the essential spirit of Christ,” he wrote at the time. John Piper is extremely arrogant to think that Christians who voted or support Trump lack the spiritual discernment to realize that Trump has serious problems and essentially said that the church is driving away unbelievers by supporting Trump. ", "Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test? “The church is paying dearly, and will continue to pay, for our communicating this falsehood year after year,” he said. You're logged in to Facebook. (SEE UPDATE BELOW).If I read him correctly, it sounds like he will not vote for Trump or Biden. While the Baptist pastor doesn't mention either candidate by name, it's clear in his latest blog piece on that he is speaking about Donald Trump and Joe Biden. This is true to some extent, and it echoes Piper's concerns. Piper acknowledged there is “devastation” on both sides of the aisle. I have a massive problem with a self-identified pro-life, pro-Bible Christian voting for Biden and the Democrats. John Piper Weighs In on Trump Timothy Keller is not an evangelical anomaly. John Piper suggested in a new piece for his site, Desiring God, that he may not be voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the presidential election. Piper concludes with truisms that Christians will not dispute. Piper did not name specific presidential candidates or parties, but then he clarified online: He would not be voting for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump. In a recent blog post, popular pastor John Piper asserts Republicans aren’t morally rigid enough. The essence of what he is saying, as I understand it, is that character matters more than anything else in leadership. Mohler endorses Trump For his part, Mohler offered up a full-throated defense of Trump, while acknowledging he doesn’t like the president’s personality and wouldn’t choose him for a neighbor. Next, it is one thing to elect a boastful, divisive leader. You also agree to our. Christian preacher and author John Piper is one of the few conservative Christian figures who doesn’t have glowing reviews of Donald Trump. John Piper Founder & Teacher, Today we will inaugurate a man to the presidency of the United States who is morally unqualified to be there. “I think it is a drastic mistake to think that the deadly influences of a leader come only through his policies and not also through his person,” he wrote. To the contrary, hasn't he expressed regret about some of his past actions? Author and theologian John Piper has waded into the debate over who Christians should be casting their vote for on 3 November. But the reasoning really matters.” He then linked to his 1995 article on abortion as a stake in the ground he hopes never to move. But the reasoning really matters," he tweeted. The world will ask. Piper needs to view Donald Trump through the lens of the God of the Bible who valued action over rhetoric. But it fails to realize that many of the younger generations were already turned off by our affirmation of biblical values, which includes our rejection of the "pro-choice" position and our opposition to LGBTQ activism. This is important to say just now because not to see it and feel it will add to the collapsing vision of leadership that enabled him to be nominated and elected. 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On Thursday, the influential pastor and writer published what he referred to as a “long-overdue” blog post in which he pondered the implications of the 2020 election. Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen. But we couldn't vote for the man whose party opposed them because he was too boastful and divisive.". He points his nation to destruction. Third, I agree with Pastor Piper that our obsession with the elections and the well-being of America undermines the reality that we are citizens of a higher kingdom and that we are only passing through this world. Seventh, I agree with him that, whatever path we take, it must enhance, not detract, from our witness for Jesus. Finally, when it comes to listing the sins of Trump, Pastor Piper may have gone a little too far. Readers of my book "Evangelicals at the Crossroads: Will We Pass the Trump Test?" I wish John Piper would have come out earlier with this post. Destruction of more kinds than we can imagine.". John Piper’s burden is to show that Christian support for Donald Trump is wrong — and dangerous. Contrary to around 80 percent of the white evangelicals who cast a vote for Trump in 2016, it sounds like Piper is not willing to give President Donald Trump a pass at the ballot box. Click here to log out. Christian pastor and author John Piper drew backlash among Trump-supporting evangelicals after he explained why he wouldn't vote for either presidential candidate in an op-ed published October 22. The final straw was the support of Donald Trump by these groups. Before sharing my differences, though, I want to share my points of affirmation. In two convocation videos, evangelical author and speaker John Piper reminded Liberty University students to not waste their lives. “He points his nation to destruction.

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